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New DRESDEN-concept cultural calendar

The MPI-CBG is proud to be part of DRESDEN-concept, a collection of cultural and research institutions in the city. DRESDEN-concept’s mission “is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration. Partners co-ordinate strategies to support Dresden’s leading areas and identify new emerging scientific areas. The DRESDEN-concept alliance also works on a joint initiative to attract top talents and to convince the best to come to Dresden.”

dresden concept

In support of the diverse community of international researchers at DRESDEN-concept institutions, a new cultural and social webpage has been launched to help researchers get the most out of their experience living in Dresden. Check out their calendar for up-to-date tips on “events, excursions and exhibitions,” as well as tips for the weekend, and more!

Congratulations, Dr. Dreßler!!

Congratulations to the Hyman lab’s newest PhD: Martin Dreßler! On March 24, Martin defended his dissertation, titled: “Dynamics of pericentriolar material during the first cell division in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos.” Way to go, Dr. Dreßler!

Dr. Martin Dreßler

Martin wearing the graduation cap made for him by the lab and holding a “centrosome.”

So close to victory!

Tony almost had the votes! But he definitely had the best fan club. At last night’s mock election for EU President at the Herkuleskeule, Tony was only one vote short of victory. Thanks to the MPI-CBG facebook page for keeping us posted with real-time updates!

Photo credit for all images in this post: Thomas Platz

Phase Separatists Invade the Institute!

phase separatists

At the MPI-CBG beer hour last Friday, there was an epic bike relay race to celebrate the 4 new institute bicycles. Our Hyman lab team, the Phase Separatists, had a very enthusiastic showing! We came in second, but surely we won the prize for best theme and costumes. For more photos of the event, check out the album under the “Lab Fun” tab on our People Page.

Tony for President!

vote-for-meTonight at the Herkuleskeule, Tony will run for President of the EU! Ok well…maybe it’s a mock election, but Tony is one of 7 candidates (representing the UK) and he will give a very convincing stump speech! Check back tomorrow to see if we have to start calling him “Mr. President.”