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New Two Minute Talk! Elisabeth explains mitotic cell rounding

In the latest addition to our “Two Minute Talk” series, postdoc Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich explains the biophysics of why and how cells become round during mitosis.

Written & narrated by Elisabeth; produced & directed by Lisa Dennison.

A peek at 2 im Boot

Did you miss 2 im Boot? Now’s your chance to see what it was like! Check out this 4-minute video for a glimpse into the fun evening on a historic steamboat with Tony and Prof. Holger Brandes.

Spot Tony!

Spot 25-year-old Tony in this lineup of predoc photos from the LMB, discovered when he was there for the Alumni Symposium earlier this month! LMB

Lens on Life premiers in Rome

lens1Lens on Life, a traveling art exhibition inspired by cell division, premiered this month at the Federica Schiavo Gallery in Rome, Italy.  The exhibition is rooted in the MitoSys Project, an EU-funded research consortium composed of labs from eight different European countries, all dedicated to understanding mitosis from a systems biology perspective. Four scientists from the consortium, Tony Hyman, Kim Nasmyth, Jan-Michael Peters, and Melina Schuh, were paired with artists to have interactive dialogues and bring new perspectives to the subject of mitosis. The artists, Lucy & Jorge Orta, Shobana Jeyasingh, Ackroyd & Harvey, and Rob Kesseler, traveled to the scientists’ cities and laboratories, and also brought the scientists back to their own studios to foster open and creative conversations about science and artistic metaphors. Lens on Life features the four works of art that resulted from these meetings, as well as a documentary of the whole process, Meeting of the Minds

Lens on Life will be in Rome until August 28, 2014. Next year the exhibition will move to Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London (January 27-February 27), and finally to the University Museum of Heidelberg University in Germany (March 16-April 28).

The centrosome renaissance

The centrosome renaissance,” a special theme issue of Philosophical Transactions B from the Royal Society, is available online as of today! This volume features 18 articles reflecting “direct and indirect input of some 50 leading scientists in the field” of centrosome biology. Jeff Woodruff, Oliver Wueseke, and Tony contributed a review on “Pericentriolar material structure and dynamics,” outlining the current state of PCM research and the outstanding questions in the field. PCM

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