We held the first EMBO phase separation course here at the MPI-CBG

From 4th to 13th February we taught our first EMBO course

Methods for Studying Phase Separation in Biology here in Dresden at the MPI-CBG and CSBD.

The course was organized together with the Tang and Alberti lab, including morning lectures, theoretical or experimental parts during the day and a relaxing evening part. Importantly, we included as well the project ideas of our participants. They came from 12 different nations in Europe, Asia and America and made the course truly international and fun!

tweezer fun
condensates in cells

evening relaxation

Surprise from our participants!

We are still amazed by the great feed back we got, it was a big success for all of us, and most importantly for our participants!

Check out @Hymanlab and #EMBOPhaseSeparation on Twitter for more

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