See the stunning artwork that resulted from Tony’s MitoSys dialogue with Lucy + Jorge Orta

Cells Diptych by Lucy + Jorge Orta

Image from

Last year, Tony was paired with artists Lucy + Jorge Orta for an ongoing dialogue about science, art, and cell division as part of the MitoSys Project. Dialogues between 4 pairs of artists and scientists led to works of art that were presented in the traveling Lens on Life exhibition. Now you can view photos of the beautiful artwork created by Lucy + Jorge Orta, Cells Diptych, a collection of watercolours and hand-blown glass cells. The cells are in various states of mitosis, meiosis, health, and disease. They are simply stunning.

You still have a chance to see the Lens on Life exhibition in person next year, too! The exhibition will be in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London (January 27-February 27), and in the University Museum of Heidelberg University in Germany (March 16-April 28).

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