Come see us at ASCB 2016!

The Hyman lab is represented at the 2016 ASCB annual meeting, taking place now in San Francisco. Come see us if you’re here!

• Sunday, Dec 4, 12pm-1:30pm: Louise Jawerth presents her poster, “The liquid to gel transition in protein droplets” (poster B1345)

• Sunday, Dec 4, 5:20pm-5:35pm: Shamba Saha gives a talk, “An mRNA competition mechanism regulated localized phase separation of liquid-like P granules in C. elegans embryo,” Room 103

• Monday, Dec 5, 12:28-12:35pm: Elvan Boke gives a talk, “Amyloid-like self-assembly of a cellular compartment,” Microsymposia Room 2 Hall C

• Monday, Dec 5,1:30pm-3:00pm: Jeff Woodruff presents his poster, “The centrosome is a selective phase that nucleates microtubules by concentrating tubulin” (poster B342)

Yesterday (Dec 3), Tony spoke at the ASAPbio session to advocate for the use of pre-prints in Biology, and he also spoke at the stem cell session, giving a talk entitled, “Cell biology of the stem cell to neuron transformation.”

Finally, Lisa Dennison will be at all 3 Science Discussion Tables (Dec 4, 11am-12pm; Dec 5, 3-4pm; Dec 6, 11am-12pm), discussing

We hope to see you here in San Francisco!

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